Ajang Majok by Meagan Long 

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Ali Michael by Petra Collins for Oyster #104

I’m trying to look ahead, to know that shit friends aren’t worth it. It fucking sucks that I spent so much time on these shitty people that don’t care about me

Vent etc

I hate being left out. I tried to make plans today, to call people, to ask them about their lives and they were all hanging out together and that makes me so mad because not one of them got back to me. Djdbjddnisod


Natasha Lyonne looking PERFECT

I’m a bad feminist because I would rather watch house than orange is the new black WHAt is wrong with me :/

Wow I am realizing how annoying I sound on here ahah

My mom got a black light to find dog pee on the carpet and I used it in my room and there were sex stains… semen stains. It was horrifying



Apex Predator, shoes collection

Fantich Young



Untitled, 2013Lita Bosch

Bezt (one half of Etam Cru, Poland) - Silence     Paintings: Oil on Canvas


Tadanori Yokoo

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1. coarse, obscene, or licentious, usually in a humourous or mocking way.
2. a ribald person.
Etymology: from Middle English ribald, ribaud (noun) < Old French ribau(l)d, equivalent to rib(er) “to be licentious” < Old High German rīben “to copulate, be in heat, literally, rub”.
[The Sin by Heinrich Lossow, circa 1880]